Product List

S&S Surgical Scalpel Product List

Product Description
SSB1S1015C 15C Blade Brown Slider
SSB1S1015S 15S Blade Brown Slider
SSB1S116C 16C Blade White Slider
SSB1S1116S 16S Blade White Slider
SSB1S211S 11S Blade Blue Slider
SSB1S211SF 11 Blade Blue Slider ION
SSB1S310S 10 Blade Black Slider
SSB1S310SF 10 Blade Black Slider ION
SSB1S415S 15 Blade Green Slider
SSB1S415SF 15 Blade Green Slider ION
SSB1S56C 6 Blade Purple Slider
SSB1S56S 6 Blade Purple Slider
SSB1S610AC 10A Blade Silver Slider
SSB1S610AS 10A Blade Silver Slider
SSB1S7E11C E11 Blade Orange Slider
SSB1S7E11S E11 Blade Orange Slider
SSB1S814C 14 Blade Yellow Slider
SSB1S814S 14 Blade Yellow Slider
SSB1S915AS 15A Blade Beige Slider
SSB1S915AS 15A Blade Beige Slider


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Proudly designed, manufactured, and assembled in the U.S.A.